Spiral Alchemy - CODAworx

Spiral Alchemy

Client: Private

Location: Irvington, NY, United States

Completion date: 2021

Artwork budget: $150,000

Project Team

Artist, Fabricator

Eric David Laxman




Spiral Alchemy is a sculptural burst of energy that reaches for the sky. Its two intertwined, curving forms are fabricated with stainless steel. It is supported on an architectural base fabricated in silicon bronze. It measures 10′ H x 3’W x 3’D. Situated in a beautiful garden at the foot of an elegant swimming pool, the lyrical sculpture adds beauty to a stunning outdoor environment. From all angles, Spiral Alchemy appears to be dancing in space. The organic forms flow gracefully upward like a silver flame.


It was important to the client to create a unique art experience with a one-of-a-kind sculpture that would complement the existing pool and gardens. I worked closely with the client to arrive at the perfect scale for the sculpture that would allow it to command the space and not overwhelm it. The client frequently work from a home office that overlooks the area and she wanted to a sculpture that would inspire her and enrich her environment.


I am always very attentive to my clients and listen very careful to their ideas and needs in order to create an object of beauty that will be enhance and complement the space it inhabits and be consistent with my body of work. In order to achieve this I work in a very deliberate manner, starting with design sketches, CAD drawings and then 3-D scale models. at each step of the way I am open to feedback from my client.

Additional Information

This intricate sculpture was fabricated completely by hand by the artist.