Spintronic - CODAworx


Submitted by Nicole Beck

Client: City of Batavia, IL

Location: Batavia, IL, United States

Completion date: 2017

Artwork budget: $30,000

Project Team


Nicole Beck

Nicole Beck

Industry Resource

Ursula Kaiser Vourvoulis

Kaiser / von Roenn Studios

Industry Resource

Lori Bohner

Bon Bon Films

Industry Resource

Vector Custom Fabricating

Vector Custom Fabricating


2018, 10′ x 4′, stainless steel, custom laminated dichroic glass.


Spintronic's beauty is derived from the dynamic that electrons create when acting under the influence of electromagnetic forces. The sculpture is an artist’s interpretation of a cutting edge technology, an emergent field that uses the "spin" - or electromagnetization - of atomic nuclei to store and process information. The custom dichroic glass discs within the sculpture shift colors radically dependent upon the viewer’s orientation and movement around the work, as well as the prevalent light conditions and angle.


This project required close collaboration between fabricators and myself. Kaiser von Roenn studios fabricated the custom laminated dichroic lenses to exact specifications. Elston Metal Tanks provided rolled metal. Vector Custom Fabricating made alterations to the structure to fit the site. A Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs grant was acquired to fund a video documentary by Bon Bon Films, Inc. documenting the process.

Additional Information

Spintronic is sited just miles from the famed Fermilab in Batavia, one of world's foremost supercollider research facilities of hi-speed electromagnetics.