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Spherical Hologram

Submitted by Go2 Productions


Location: Atlanta, GA, United States

Completion date: 2017

Project Team


Adrian Scott

Go2 Productions

Industry Resource

Go2 Productions


The Go2 Productions Innovation Lab have done it again, creating the world’s first spherical hologram with 18.5 million virtual pixels. This incredible 10.5ft diameter structure was conceived and designed by the creative team at Go2 and fabricated by our partners – RabCup Studios.

Besides the 360° holographic branded content that appears to float around the structure, we included a unique holographic selfie booth. Audio reactive RGB LED strip lighting was installed on every connecting side, to give an added depth of content and overall effect.


The system made extensive use of the SDK and touch designer. All the control hardware was housed inside the structure, accessible from the structure’s base. Guests were invited to create 4 seconds of video adjacent to the dome, which later appeared on one of the holographic zones in full HD quality. #bestgifever

Additional Information

Go2 designed and produced the world’s first spherical holographic selfie booth! Our clients, Wasserman and Target, were both elated with the results and guests were blown away by the new technology and mesmerized by the overall effect. Everyone was taking part, having a blast and filming their ‘on screen’ moments. The most common comments from the crowd was ‘WOW’ and ‘How the heck ?!’.