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Sphere 30

Submitted by 3D Fabrication Studio


Client: Blair Cahill

Location: Ojai, CA, United States

Completion date: 2015

Artwork budget: $8,000

Project Team

Industry Resource

Kari Lorenson

3D Fabrication Studio


Blair Cahill


Sphere 30 was the result of direct collaboration between ADF and artist Blair Cahill. One of the largest sculptures of Cahill's Sphere series, Sphere 30 consists of electro-plated Lexan rings held together by a mirrored aluminum structure. Each of the sphere’s 10 rings holds sheer silk embroidered with the various colorful graphics designed by Cahill and translated by ADF into digitally embroidered compositions (30” being the widest embroidery). ADF employed digital fabrication technologies throughout the production of the Sphere series.


This sculpture was first exhibited at the Rag Factory in London in 2015 with the other Sphere series sculptures. Cahill wanted to achieve a highly polished and engineered structure that would offset the delicacy and fragility typically associated with silk and embroidery. To create such large scale embroideries ADF developed a special workflow utilizing our 10-needle digital embroidery machine.


Each of her recent artworks combines a variety of technological processes that transforms Cahill’s library of graphics and images created on her computer into stunning compositions of thread, metal and a variety of other materials. Cahill’s strong design, color and composition sense guided the projects into many challenging directions. ADF engineered the sphere structures to disappear and allow the embroidery to take center stage.

Additional Information

Sphere 30 is the result of a highly specialized combination of utilizing CNC technologies, electro-plating, 3D printing and other processes not immediately apparent to the viewer. Cahill's ability to translate technology with traditional processes and materials is a unique talent. The scale of her works continues to grow and surprise viewers.