Client: Berkeley Library Public Art Program

Location: Berekely, CA, United States

Completion date: 2014

Artwork budget: $49,000

Project Team


David Snippen

Berkeley Library Public Art Program

Industry Resource

Berkeley Glass

Berkeley Glass




A series of glass pieces are integrated throughout this LEED-Certified Library, offering telescoping perspectives on “a sense of place”. At the entry, a 40″ d hand-cast/etched piece is inspired by a satellite image of global wind patterns, offering a global perspective; interior pieces invite the viewer to reflect on the local environs through engaging media including hand-cut prisms and dichroic glass.


The goal was to create engaging, durable artwork throughout the library that would draw patrons of all ages throughout the space, leading them on a journey of discovery that evokes the joy of discovery that awaits each patron who uses the library.


WOWHAUS collaborated closely with the architect, City staff, and library staff throughout this project, dovetailing our installation with the multiple contractors working on a "fast track" schedule for completion of construction.