Speaking of Birds - CODAworx

Speaking of Birds

Client: Collaborative Concepts

Location: Brewster, NY, United States

Completion date: 2020

Project Team

Natalya Khorover

Collaborative Concepts


“Speaking of Birds” is an outdoor installation of birds stitched and formed from single-use plastic. Viewers will note the irony in crafting birds from a material that is polluting our environment, and contributing to the deaths of thousands of birds as they become entangled in plastic bits or mistake it for food. The whimsical appearance of the birds belies the importance of the message, echoing the contradictions people encounter when weighing convenience with recycling and proper waste disposal.
Approximate dimensions were 20 feet by 20 feet


The goal of this installation was to delight the viewers whimsy and to gently educate about the dangers of plastic pollution.