SparkleFLOW - CODAworx


Client: RiverSouth

Location: Austin, TX, United States

Completion date: 2023

Artwork budget: $65,000

Project Team


Virginia Fleck

Virginia Fleck Studio

Art Advisor

Mia Baxter

metgal Art + Advisory

Operations Manager

Chris Lindhart


Development & Construction

Eric A. Herron, AIA

Stream Realty Partners


Made from hundreds-of-thousands of post-consumer aluminum can-tabs, SparkleFLOW is a site-specific, suspended sculpture permanently installed in the lobby of RiverSouth, an acclaimed office building in Austin, TX. This signature sculpture made from long chains of can-tabs, descends fifteen feet through the ceiling to create a dramatic sparkling puddling effect on the lobby floor. Meticulously constructed from reclaimed can-tabs, SparkleFLOW speaks to the cutting-edge sustainability features of the building, its waterfront adjacent location and the effervescent flow of ideas associated with a creative Austin work environment.


SparkleFLOW was strategically sited to take advantage of the abundant natural light in the expansive glass-walled lobby. Conceptually the artwork needed to speak to the cutting-edge sustainability features of the building and its waterfront adjacent location while celebrating the effervescent flow of ideas associated with a creative Austin work environment. We were able to meet these goals through close attention to place, form, scale, materials and meticulous craftmanship.


Metgal ART+ADVISORY presented my work to the client and was the liaison between my studio, Stream Realty Partners and the Beck Design Build group. The client's enthusiasm was palpable when we all met on site to collaboratively decide scale, placement form and installation. I received unparalleled support from the Beck and Stream groups who were willing to creating a cut-out in the lobby ceiling for a counter-set hanging support for SparkleFLOW. They also provided the engineering, fabrication and installation of the hanging mechanism. Metgal ART+ ADVISORY provided expert support on installation day.

Additional Information

It was important to the client that the signature artwork had an Austin identity, and it was an honor for me as 34 year Austin resident to get this commission. When production began, I put out a call to participate in the making of SparkleFLOW, and my fellow Austinites quickly got to work creating the long chains of can-tabs that comprise the sculpture. Our collaborative effort produced chains of can-tabs made by artists, musicians, dancers, teachers, scientists, poets, and nurses—all coming together to infuse this piece with the unique spirit and identity of Austin.