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Spektrum Sparkassenakademie Stuttgart

Client: Bank Academy of State of Baden

Location: Stuttgart, Germany

Completion date: 2014

Project Team


Raphael Seitz


wma architekten - wöhr mieslinger assoziierte, D-Stuttgart


Bank Academy of the State of Baden Wuerttemberg

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Derix Glasstudios

Industry Resource



The glass facade for the lobby of the Bank Academy of the State of Baden Wuerttemberg is a total of 850 sq. ft. The individual glass panels range in size of 9.5’ x 15.5’ and 9.5’ x 12’. Triple- insulated glass units with burglary-resistant safety glass incorporate the work of artist Raphael Seitz.


The goal was to create an artwork appropriate to this prestigious Academy of the State bank.
The artist and client wanted the highest quality and luminosity of glass and on the largest possible glass units.


Hand-blown glass with double flashes have been slightly acid-etched to create soft color gradations within the glass sheets. Vitreous enamels have been airbrushed additionally to enhance certain color contrasts. Screen printing was used for texts. All hand-blown glass sheets are laminated evenly onto the surface of the triple-insulated glass units by liquid lamination technique.

Additional Information

The combination of traditional art glass with functional industrial glass on this scale is unique and, so far, the largest for a commercial building.