Spar Und Bauverein Building - CODAworx

Spar Und Bauverein Building

Client: Spar Und Bauverein, Germany

Location: Paderborn, Germany

Completion date: 2016

Artwork budget: $200,000

Project Team


Martin Donlin

Martin Donlin Limited

Industry Resource

Jan Peters

Peters Studios


Spar Und Bauverein Building, Paderborn, Germany
14 m X 14 m Digitally printed and fired ceramic enamel


Spar Und Bauverein are a long established housing co-operative in Germany, the refurbished building in Paderborn is for both residential and administration use.


The artwork draws on images of community and family overlaid with key words that engage the public’s sense of place and well-being within their society. The artwork suggest’s the same principles as the co-operative with accessibility and public involvement at its core. The main entrance has been refurbished to cover the original stairwell and lift lobby.

Additional Information

The glass is completely covered in very small text that acts as a “veil” for the privacy of the inhabitants and staff.