Soul of Stone - CODAworx

Soul of Stone

Submitted by Lyubov Muravyeva

Client: Andress Institute of Art

Location: Brookline, NH, United States

Completion date: 1999

Project Team

Art Consultant

John Wiedman

Andress Institute of Art


The granite sculpture “Soul of the Stone” symbolizes the Petrifying Soul, the Hardened Soul. The spectator sees a figure as a cloud among clouds on a background of the faraway hills; as soul above the world – empathizing with the Earth, the People of the Earth.


In my perception, the Universe is a constantly flowing energy, Energy radiating from one world and forming new worlds. Human emotions, the energy of all human essence, transport the human spirit from one world to another. The Nature of the Human Being is the same as the Nature of the Universe. The difference is in different amounts of energy - one amount would be a planet, another would be a human


I created this granite carving (1.5 x 2.5 x 0.6 m) during the sculpture symposium "Bridges and Connections" at Andress Institute of Art in Brookline, New Hampshire. I’d like to express my special acknowledgment to John Wiedman - director of the Institute - who wonderfully organized this seminar in both, creative and technical aspects.