SongBoard London - CODAworx

SongBoard London

Submitted by Alexander Goller


Client: Greater London Authority (GLA)

Location: London, United Kingdom

Completion date: 2012

Project Team


Alexander Goller

Industry Resource

Hamish Boden, Project Manager

William Hardie Design


Katie Russel

Central Saint Martins College (CSM)


Yuri Zampirolli, Mahsa Damigah

Central Saint Martins College (CSM)


The SongBoard was a multi-sensory interactive wall installation located at the main entrance of King’s Cross Station that engaged visitors, commuters and local residents, both national and international, in three ways. By moving the balls, users were able to create their own patterns and ‘compose’ their own music.

Interaction is optional and levels of engagement vary: some simply walked by and observe, while others with time ‘played’ more. This interplay of the human senses provided a playful and more memorable experience in the heart of the host city, reflecting the participatory and collaborative ethos of the Olympic Games.


It was a open call from the GLA with a fixed budget.


Alongside with Katie Russel from MA Narrative Environment and two students from BA Architecture (Yuri Zampirolli, Mahsa Damigah) we came up with the idea. The goal was to create a fun installation and photo-opportunity for everyone to spread the idea of interplay between spectators, athletes and the organizers around the world. Users were able to create personal messages and send them to their friends and families. After we came up with the idea, Matthew Haycocks from Central Saint Martins College (CSM) created initial drawings which were given to William Hardie Design to finalize and construct the piece.

Additional Information

Production: William Hardie Design; Chloe Meineck; Johannes Wolf: Setup and Programming; Hamish Boden. Tutors from CSM: Patricia Austin, Oscar Brito, Matt Haycocks, Jona Piehl, Gregory Ross