Somewhere Over the Rainbow - CODAworx

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Submitted by Pamela Heller

Client: Hospice of the Western Reserve

Location: Cleveland, OH, United States

Completion date: 2017

Project Team


Diane Snyder Cowan

Hospice of the Western Reserve


Steve DiMare

Hospice of the Western Reserve


Pamela Heller


Primeval and sacred, bodies of water serve as inspiration to different cultures through history. A prominent theme in mythology, religions and folktales, water is the symbol of life, reaching into the deeper layers of the psyche.

By suspending the waterfalls from the highest point in the Atrium, a sanctuary of light, water, and sky is experienced. A visual metaphor, illustrating the passage of time, waterfalls remind us of nature's ability to soothe and transform. Inviting attention to the senses, my desire is to embrace people in a contemplative and personal experience.


Taking into consideration the needs of the patients was our first consideration. How might the waterfalls positively impact their life at the facility? Secondly, would the art be calming and restorative?


Every aspect of the installation was planned in order to complete the process in a few hours. The engineering team and I worked together in a smooth and efficient way.