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Solo Show – Greenville County Museum of Art

Submitted by Alice Ballard

Client: Greenville County Museum of Art

Location: Greenville, SC, United States

Completion date: 2014

Artwork budget: $22,000

Project Team


Alice Ballard, Chesnee Klein, Jay Owen

Greenville County Museum of Art


Chesnee Klein

Greenville County Museum of Art


Jay Owens

Greenville, County Museum of Art


Alice Ballard



The goal of the gallery installation team was to take a relatively small gallery space, the room size being approximately 25 x 45 feet and create a cohesive exhibition of my work. The advantage off this particular exhibition was that the light could be increased on my work without effecting Andrew Wyeth’s for for example, that was exhibited in a gallery on the same floor. The gallery installations team did an outstanding job not only meeting the challenge but using the space in a way that was advantageous to showing off my work in the best possible way.


Although this was not a commission but a solo show, a great deal of thought was put into how to install the 2 wall installations, along with 6 Tree Totems, a Trio of White Pods and some process drawings. The description pretty much covers this but I would like to add that the challenges of the space also created an opportunity to create a feeling of quiet and intimacy for the viewer.


The collaboration was between me, the Director Tom Syron, the Curator, Chesnee Klein, and the Greenville County Museum of Art installation team. It involved an ongoing discussion that took place over the year that I had to create new work. Just prior the the installation of the work, most of the final decisions about where the show would hang, how it was hung and the lighting, took place. During these last few weeks before the show opened is when the "museum team" took over to make some of the final decisions about which work would be displayed and how the pieces would hang in relation to each other. The did an excellent job and the show was well received by the public!

Additional Information

My goal was to take the 6 Tree Totems that were chosen by the director, Tom Styron, for this show and to create the two large wall installations, and the small one to complement the Tree Totems. It took a year to create the wall installations and it was not until I actually saw them installed that I realized how beautifully the work goes together as a cohesive exhibition. All in all, I am very pleased with the success of this exhibition.