solitaire 9

Submitted by Shailesh Parikh


Client: Mr.Samir Shah

Location: vadodara, India

Completion date: 2016

Artwork budget: $1,145,000

Project Team


shailesh parikh

creative design & mgmt


jayshree parikh

creative design & mgmt


A luxurious 11,000 sq ft bungalow in a gated community in Vadodara is designed by Shailesh Parikh in a largely neutral colour palette, while using a contemporary vocabulary.


The heart of the house is the cantilevered staircase, using MS for the treads, glass and wood. The ceiling of the corridor leading off from the lift is an intricate combination of POP and Cebu sheets. Drawing the eye upwards, it has a three dimensional, sculptural effect, incorporating concealed lighting within the hexagonal shapes created by its design.


The entrance has a sense of drama, with a graphic designed in back-lit onyx, combined with black and white strips to create a piano-key effect. Further inside the gate, two tall abstract sculptures stand guard like sentinels, while a glass walkway above a water body which is lit from within, adds to the bespoke effect.

Additional Information

A waterfall cascades from one corner of this bungalow, catching the eye with the unexpected height from which it descends. Starting from the first floor of the structure, The water can trickle, gush or come down in sheets, as its flow can be controlled at will, while the location in the north east of the plot is in compliance with vastu.