Solaris Nexum - CODAworx

Solaris Nexum

Submitted by Alexandra Carr

Client: Grangegorman Development Agency for Technological University Dublin

Location: Dublin, Ireland

Completion date: 2021

Project Team


Alexandra Carr


TU Dublin

Commissioning Body

Grangegorman Development Agency


Fielden Clegg Bradley Studios

CAD and Installation

Colin Rennie

Art Consultancy

Renée Pfister Art & Gallery Consultancy, London

Engineering and Health and Satefy

Cconsult Engineering Design Limited

Health and Safety

Blended Management Group


Architectural Metalworkers Ltd


Ormiston Wire Ltd


Bay Plastics Ltd


W.H.Scott and Son Engineers Ltd


Constantine Ltd


Solaris Nexum explores our changing connection to the sun through technological shifts of various ages. Through a double-sided surface of suspended mirrors, Solaris Nexum is a helical structure projected onto catenary arches, allowing continually changing reflections in response to the shifting light. Carr approaches celestial architecture, advances in optics, and renewable energy as paradigm-shifting technologies, drawing together periods of human history with a potential future for humankind. The sculpture serves as a monument to solar connection through the ages of technology, encourages us to retain a respect for nature and to intelligently live in harmony with its resources, moving towards a technologically symbiotic age. Carr invites us to look both inwards and outwards to embrace all spheres of being into one harmonious whole.


The work was commissioned as part of the Grangegorman Development Agency's 10-year public art strategy; this work is the largest single commission in the portfolio produced for the overall project. The commissioners wanted to engage academics, students, and visitors to the University site from a variety of different disciplines. The Central Quad, was agreed as the best location for the work. The building houses the sciences, engineering, and the culinary arts offering opportunities to create new synergies between disciplines and exciting research projects.


The initial concept and overall theme of the work were established by Alexandra Carr in consultation with Fielden Clegg Bradley Studios, London (architect), artist and main collaborator Colin Rennie was then brought in to create a parametric design and the fabrication drawings. The steelwork design was finalised by structural engineers, Cconsult Ireland which was then fabricated in collaboration with Architectural Metalworkers Ltd. Installation RAMs and the abseiling plan were produced in collaboration with WH Scott Lifting.