Solar Sonant

Submitted by Po Shu Wang



Client: State Board of Higher Education Oregon

Location: Corvalis, United States

Completion date: 2009

Artwork budget: $210,000

Project Team


Po Shu Wang

Living Lenses Artist Team


Louise Bertelsen

Living Lenses Artist Team


This is a 65' tall helical sculpture in front of the Engineering Department of OSU at Corvallis Oregon is a Ring Resonator of the Sun. The sun is the single most prominent object in nature that constantly bathes our solar system with its life sustaining energy, and rightly deserves the worships of all peoples since time immemorial. But instead of singing its praise again, this artwork converts it’s turbulent convection pressure waves into a gentle hum for us.


The helical form of the artwork is designed to complement the clean and straight lined building. We are using the engineering tool of finite element analysis to guide us in the construction of the sculpture so that it vibrates at the Tonal Center pitch of sun. In so doing, we are integrating the artwork within the site context while directing our attention towards the universal influence of the sun to our reality, through a gentle hum.


The design is complementary with the architecture and site location, which we worked out with the architect. And the engineering part we collaborated with both and independent engineer and the in-house engineering community of the department.