Client: Ignite Broward and Mad Arts

Location: Fort Lauderdale, FL, United States

Completion date: 2024

Project Team

Artist, fabricator, project manager

Anaisa Franco

Anaisa Franco Studio

Exhibition Coordination

Phillip Lique

Mad Arts team


Solar Hive is an autonomous, self-sustaining organism installation that invites people to enter and experience a media facade powered entirely by solar energy. By day, solar cells charge, and by night, visitors are treated to a dynamic display of illuminated hexagonal vibrant colors. The installation incorporates recycled translucent materials, showcasing a commitment to sustainability. This interactive element invites people to immerse themselves in a kaleidoscope of lights, creating a unique fusion of art and technology. In this innovative project, the harmony of renewable energy, recycled materials, and interactive design converge to offer an environmentally conscious and engaging experience, demonstrating the possibilities at the intersection of art, technology, and sustainability.


The primary goal was to craft an autonomous, self-sustainable, experiential media facade entirely powered by solar energy—embracing 100% sustainability and green energy. The innovation extends to a lightweight design, utilizing translucent recycled materials and nylon bolts. The result is a structure weighing a mere 200 kilograms. This achievement not only aligns with environmental objectives but also underscores a commitment to minimal ecological impact. The combination of solar power, recycled materials, and a lightweight structure exemplifies a pioneering approach to sustainable design, showcasing how creativity and environmental responsibility can seamlessly converge in a singular, groundbreaking project.


The Solar Hive project was a collaborative effort led by Anaisa Franco Studio. Negar Merdah, the computation designer, skillfully integrated parametric design into the project, while Anaisa Franco spearheaded the prototyping of the cells. Federico Caldi took charge of the assembly and structure testing before its transportation. The final assembly was executed by Federico Caldi and Anaisa Franco. The MAD Arts team, under the coordination of Phillip Lique, played a pivotal role in the installation at Esplanade Park in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA. This collaborative and interdisciplinary approach underscores the teamwork involved in bringing Solar Hive to life, with each contributor bringing unique expertise to different facets of the project.