Sólace Star - CODAworx

Sólace Star

Submitted by Nicole Beck

Client: Capital Development Board of Illinois Art-In-Architecture Program

Location: Quincy, IL, United States

Completion date: 2024

Project Team


Nicole Beck

Nicole Beck


Vector Custom Fabricating


Mechanical Engineer



Design CGI

Rob Magiera

State build support

Capital Development Board of Illinois


Metal rolling

Chcago Metal Rolled Products

CMRP Chicago


Ursula Vourvoulis

KVR Studio


Nathan Nuttelman

Brown Electric


Site specific sculpture for an Illinois Veterans Home.


This beautiful and graceful beacon of light (Sól) and peace (solace) will engage residents in the Long-Term Care Facility outdoor garden area carefully designed to be a safe and nurturing space for those Vets with Alzheimers and Dementia.


The design process was a careful consideration of what was appropriate for a VA facility devoted to the care of our respected and beloved Veterans. I queried many military veterans as to core concepts integral to their lives of service. This location needed to be especially sensitive to those Vets with cognitive impairments and what kind of outdoor sculpture might best support their special needs, their caretakers and visiting friends and family.

Additional Information

Nestled within the top of the gently swirling stainless sculpture is a custom-laminated dichroic glass disc fused with a 5pt star made of prismatic glass that will cascade the surrounding garden with a lovely, calming rainbow of slowly changing colors. At ground level, the seatbacks of the sculpture feature mosaics that provide comforting and healing imagery made with textural vitreous glass that compels the viewer to touch the surfaces. The center of the spiral is anchored by a ring carved with calls to HONOR, DUTY, SERVCE AND DIGNITY, concepts integral to the Veteran's life of service.