SoHo Duplex


Client: Private Collector

Location: New York, NY, United States

Completion date: 2015

Project Team


Michael Curry

Michael Curry Mosaics

Interior Designer

Charles Farruggio

Charles Farruggio Interior Design


This glass wall sculpture was created for a private collector’s SoHo Duplex in New York City. Four modular panels form one seamless piece that is 120″ wide and 32″ high at the mid point, and gradually tapering to 24″ at both ends. Thin strips of hand cut stained glass, dichroic glass, and mirror, were wet sanded and assembled in a three dimensional layered configuration. Inspired by the Northern Lights, the color palette consists of earth tones with pops of green, blue, lavender, fuchsia, teal, and amber. The use of dichroic glass brings a sense of kinetic magic to the mosaic, as certain accent colors are only visible from certain angles, and the piece continually transforms as the viewer moves around it.


With twelve foot ceilings and a dramatic chandelier, this spectacular room is the heart of an elegantly designed home by Charles Farruggio Interiors. The project entailed creating a work of art above the bar, on a wall that is a clear focal point upon entry. It demanded something special that could command attention and hold its own in a room with many strong elements.


After an initial digital presentation offering up numerous ideas for what I might create on this large wall, the clients unanimously chose this design for it's simple yet eye-catching aesthetic. Charles and I had several meetings with the clients in their space, and we all worked together to finalize the concept. By mapping out the form on the wall with tape, we refined it repeatedly until we had a shape that everyone was on board with. A small physical sample was then created for the clients' approval of materials and color. As world travelers, the clients were thrilled with the color palette that evoked memories of the Aurora Borealis and its magical ever-changing sky.