Soft Takeover - CODAworx

Soft Takeover

Submitted by Andreas Lutz


Location: Berlin, Germany

Completion date: 2019

Project Team


Andreas Lutz


Galerie Mazzoli


Based on a semiotic system of 81 binary states (an assumed language model of an Artificial Intelligence), the kinetic sculpture Soft Takeover transfers abstract statements to visually perceptible sequences by occupying an unpainted white canvas frame as its medium.

As Artificial Intelligence and self-conscious technologies have deeply manifested themselves in the structural processes of human society, the question arises as to how technological imperialism affects other areas of human culture as well.

Will the human observer accept the messages presented to him through a familiar culture format and over time unconsciously, unquestioningly internalizing the statements of the concealed technological authority?


The depiction of an abstract language model by employing physical movement and subtle aesthetics questions the relationship of humans with conscious machines.