Small Talk About the Weather - CODAworx

Small Talk About the Weather


Client: Oklahoma City Arts Commission

Location: Oklahoma City, OK, United States

Completion date: 2016

Artwork budget: $180,000

Project Team


Blessing Hancock


Joe O'Connell


Located in a pedestrian corridor in downtown Oklahoma City, Small Talk about the Weather makes visible the spectacular extremes of the local climate and its constant dynamic presence. In Oklahoma City, the weather is both terrifying and amazing. It is a topic that runs through daily life whether referring to a monumental event or as a topic of casual conversation. In either case, weather becomes a shared experience or touchstone that ties residents together.


The goal of the sculpture is to encourage people to remember the beauty and magnificence that comes with Oklahoma City weather while also giving them a conversation piece to share their personal weather-related stories. The sculpture consists of graceful organic geometries that flow and swirl along the ceiling with LED lighting illuminating the sculpture with vibrant changing colors. These luminous bands give the impression of abstract weather patterns energetically glowing overhead and offering a stark contrast to the rectilinear geometries of the corridor. The sculpture also features a unique sensor that will enable people to control the lighting by waving their hands or playing a video on their cell phone effectively turning the sculpture into a dynamic low-resolution screen.

Additional Information

Medium: acrylic, stainless steel, LEDs, electronics, optical sensor / Dimensions: 16’ width x 120’ length x 1’ height