Slalom - CODAworx


Client: Milwaukee County Dept. of Public Works

Location: General Mitchell International Airport, Milwaukee, WI, United States

Completion date: 2015

Artwork budget: $170,000

Project Team


Tim Prentice

Prentice Colbert, Inc.


David Colbert

Prentice Colbert, Inc


A gently undulating ribbon of kinetic elements weaves its way in and out of the row of columns that march through the Gathering Space of the General Mitchell International Airport Baggage Claim area. The ribbon is formed by a pattern of small plates of aluminum and translucent lexan. Aluminum was chosen for the way it reflects the light back to the viewer and lexan for the way it holds the light. The movement of the work is driven by the air currents in the space. The air currents are, in part created, by the movements of the many pedestrians through the space. Movement and changing light repeatedly draw the viewer’s attention back to the work.
Dimensions are 8ft x 120ft x a varying depth.


The airport's goal was for public art to become an integrated component of the architectural design.The work responds to the pattern of columns that dominate the space. The surface finish of the materials in the sculpture echoes the finishes in the architecture. The sculpture responds to the ample light flooding the space.


The artist designed the sculpture in response to the architecture of the space. There was collaboration between the artist and the architect in the final location of the work.