Skygazing Tower - CODAworx

Skygazing Tower

Submitted by SomePeople LLC

Client: LA Design Festival

Location: Los Angeles, CA, United States

Completion date: 2019

Artwork budget: $10,000

Project Team


Kyriaki Goti


Industry Resource

Preston Johnson


Addressing the challenges of contemporary global lifestyles, the installation “Sky Gazing Tower” provides personal space for the public to decompress. A VR environment helps users personalize their private space and design their own tower.


“Sky Gazing Tower” is an installation that aims to provide personal space to people who live in crowded urban environments and face every day challenges such as social anxiety, stress, and agoraphobia. It gives space and time to each individual to stare at the sky alone, while being surrounded by a hanging translucent orange membrane that diffuses the light and creates a soothing environment.
A VR environment was exhibited together with the physical installation, giving the visitors of the festival the opportunity to virtually modify the structure and define their own personal space according to their needs and preferences. Visitors can experience the installation in a simulated crowded urban environment and they can redesign the tower until they feel comfortable in it. Each visitor can change the size, color and materiality of the tower using the User Interface in the VR. This digital tool embraces the diversity of the citizens of big cities by allowing them to explore their personal space and redefine its boundaries and aesthetics.