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Sky Song


Client: Arts & Venues Denver

Location: Denver, CO, United States

Completion date: 2016

Project Team

Project Manager

Brendan Picker

Arts & Venues, Denver


Levitt Pavilion

Levitt Foundation


Sky Song is a musically interactive artwork on the facade of the newly built Levitt Pavilion Denver. The piece invites you to create your own music and light show by pushing buttons on a polished stainless steel sculpture in the Levitt plaza. Composed of two separate parts, the sculpture is both fixed onto the façade of the pavilion and rises from the plaza at the venue’s ground level. Visitors can press 33 buttons on the ground-level structure to make ethereal music accompanied by glowing light shows above. The structures are mirror-plated, so if you stand at just the right angle during the day, the reflection of the sky creates the illusion that the heavens are reaching through the venue and into its plaza.


Integrating the artwork into the architecture of the building was a main goal.

Additional Information

Materials: mirror polished stainless steel, LEDs