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Sky Bridge Patterns

Client: ZIP and VIBE Towers, Liberty Village

Location: Toronto, ON, Canada

Completion date: 2011

Artwork budget: $350,000

Project Team


Erwin Redl

Industry Resource

Mike Bilyk

Lafontain Iron Werks

Public Art Agent

Karen Mills

Public Art Management


Light Installation with Acrylic and Animated RGB LEDs
Two bridges, each bridge 40 x 8 x 20 ft / 12 x 2.4 x 6 m (length x width x height)
Permanent Installation Pedestrian sky bridges between ZIP and VIBE residential towers
Liberty Village, Toronto, Canada


The installation transforms the two pedestrian glass bridges into beacons of light reflecting the vibrant activities of the Liberty Village towers. The residents crossing the bridges walk between the installation’s lit sheets of glass mounted against the windows. Gradual color and brightness shifts of the glass create a gigantic light mosaic enveloping the viewers. The mosaic’s light patterns fade slowly into each other creating a rhythm that breathes a contemplative mood into the surroundings.


The installation was commissioned after my proposal was chosen in an international public art competition by the City of Toronto. The ensuing two year planning and production process required an active collaboration between various engineers, manufactures and my studio with feedback from community committees and public planning agencies.