Sisu unlimited - CODAworx

Sisu unlimited

Submitted by Lux-nova


Location: 's-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands

Completion date: 2017

Artwork budget: $4,285

Project Team


Ellen van der Leeden



Ari van Herpen



This work is in the art of dalles de verre. For this particular work the Dalles are sorted by color, with complementary colors: amber and purple. “Sisu” is a Finnish term that means something like perseverance, an iron will to complete a certain, often difficult task. 'Slags'I are processed, which provide a special distribution of light.


The goal was to create a contemplative object. The church as shown is now a protestant church, beautiful restored, without the colored stained glass it probably had in times before 1574.


For the 'foot' on the statue I used stainless steel. This is welded by Mr Ari van Herpen.

Additional Information

Dalles- de verre has saturation in color as almost nothing has. In my work I'm constantly searching for boundries. In this material both ends of the spectrum meet; it is strong but fragile, like the human soul.