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Singing on Paddington Street


Client: Galliard Homes

Location: LONDON, United Kingdom

Completion date: 2016

Artwork budget: $150,000

Project Team


Julia VOGL


Galliard Home


C.J. O'Shea and Company Limited

Industry Resource

Weber Industries

Weber Industries


Singing on Paddington street is a 17M high by 6M wide glass and steel installation on the side of a block of flats – The Chilterns. Located on Paddington street. Materials include:
Coloured glass, steel, sunlight and viewers voices.


Chiltern and Paddington Street were home to many recording artists in the 1960/70's. This work pays tribute to them and the current community. Viewers are invited to imagine the past and sing along with the musical work. Each colour glass panel is matched with a musical note found on the key- making the work singable. As the sun hits the glass throughout the day coloured reflections shift creating another dimension to the building, adding a musical quality.


The work was very inspired by the Architects vision. The building sits on a corner plot of land and on Chiltern street, the front face of the building, long aluminium slats line the windows influenced by the aesthetic of a record collection and only seeing the side of the sleeves. Additionally David Bailey the famous 1960's photographer known for capturing the Beatles, has works that line the lobby of the building. A 1960's musical vibe was a strong theme, and I simply responded. Additionally the wall I was given to create work was southern facing how could I resist playing off that.

Additional Information

As the art is dependent on daylight the drama of the shadows change throughout the year, making a permanent work every changing and something to keep coming back to.