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Silvio Vujcic Showroom Office

Client: Silvio Vujicic artist

Location: Zagreb, Croatia

Completion date: 2020

Artwork budget: $15,000

Project Team


Silvio Vujcic



Neven Kvesic



An creative mind of the artist / professor mr.Silvio Vujicic, made his working area for creative toughts and ideas surrounded with glass with laminted textile and mirror. Using his extra ordinary skills as textile expert to produce a very subtile slim textile that is beeing laminated in between two glass alongside with partial mirrors that follows the design on textile has brought to the project an amazing reflections and transparency. Partial mirrors that are made with inovative technologies from Bokart which allows to designer an ability to play and module transparancy and filled surface of mirrors. The technologies that have been used here are complete innovation and are able to be applied in all architectural spaces.


The idea was to leave to space to develop it's self an area of transparency and sun light running thru the glass. An artist has made important implementation of two technologies and opportunities in order to get most beautifull combinations of light and reflections.