Silver Lining - CODAworx

Silver Lining

Client: Amazon Headquarters, Metropolitan Park

Location: Arlington , VA, United States

Completion date: 2023

Project Team

Artist and Fabricator

Rob Ley

Rob Ley Studio

Integration Coordination

ZGF Architects


Ignition Arts


Spanning three public lobby walls, this immersive public artwork embodies separate, yet connected sculptures through the origami-like folding of metal forms. Thousands of strategically aimed mirrored surfaces sample and reflect the variety of colors, people, and movements present in the lobby and adjacent Metropolitan Park. The mirrors create a kaleidoscopic effect, reflecting and multiplying the surrounding environment into colorful, abstract patterns. The artwork reflects the beauty and complexity of its environment, while also creating a space for people to connect and interact with each other in unexpected ways.


This prismatic artwork captures disconnected moments with thousands of strategically aimed, mirrored surfaces. The reflective surface of the artwork creates an ever-changing experience for viewers, as the environment and people around it constantly move and transform. The mirrored surfaces also create an illusion of depth, as if the space extends beyond its physical boundaries and the experience of the lobby is multiplied and distorted in unexpected ways.