Silicon Valley Interior Wall Installation - CODAworx

Silicon Valley Interior Wall Installation

Submitted by Charabati Bizzarri

Client: Private

Location: 94941, CA, United States

Completion date: 2021

Artwork budget: $20,000

Project Team

Project Management

Desanne Martin

Charabati Bizzarri


Monica Bizzarri

Charabati Bizzarri


Raquel Charabati

Charabati Bizzarri


Charabati Bizzarri worked in close collaboration with the project design team for this interior stairwell installation. Wanting a dynamic and textural piece that would be able to fill the expansive two-story light-filled space we recommended our Canvas piece. The first step was creating a custom palette of colors to capture and work with the day’s shifting light. Drawing inspiration from the Pacific Ocean just over the hill from Silicon Valley we created deep, blues, greens, and purples into this interwoven and undulating installation. This Canvas piece was created with over 5000 handmade and painted ceramic pieces made one by one. Once each piece was formed, painted, and fired in the kiln it was then woven together with copper wire. Because of the height of the stairwell, we worked off of scaffolding to securely attach the piece to the wall. Installation for this piece took only five hours.


The goal of this Canvas installation was to create a piece for this three-story stairwell that would be interesting and unique from every angle. Working with a southern-exposure window and open-plan staircase this Canvas piece was going to be visible from the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd floor of this Silicon Valley home. Drawing on the colors of the cool waters of Carmel and Monterrey just over the hill this piece integrates dark to lighter blues with a touch of purples woven with copper wire. Invoking a sense of calm movement, flow, and undulation.


The Charabati Bizzarri process always starts with the earth. Working out of their Mexico City ceramic studio Raquel Charabati and Monica Bizzarri have created a custom blend of clay that allows them to bend, fold and weave with the material as if it is cloth. This totally organic blend relies heavily on ancient mineral elements found in a specific region of Mexico. Mixing the clay themselves they then form each and every ceramic piece by hand, never using a mold or form. Once formed each ceramic piece is fired in the kiln, painted and then fired again. This technique assures not only a unique and beautiful color range but an extremely durable and long-lasting element that is suitable for exterior installations. Once the individual ceramic pieces are made they are then woven together with care one by one. Each and every installation is a unique and one-of-a-kind piece. Inspired by textiles of the world Charabati Bizzarri is moving ceramic work in a fresh new direction and giving clay a new voice.