Sierra Towers

Submitted by Jason York



Location: West Hollywood, California, United States

Completion date: 2012

Project Team

Interior Designer

Robert Wright and Jason York

McCormick and Wright

Art Consultant

Tiffiny Lendrum

Lendrum Fine Art


Barry Chase

CMF Homebuilders


Jen Prichard

J Prichard Design


Our clients, avid classic film buffs, decided to purchase a home in Los Angeles to be closer to their many philanthropic ventures. The high-rise condo building is an iconic Hollywood retreat for many celebrities of current fame, and home to many more of the wonderful stars whom have transcended time. The building sits high on a hill. That, coupled with the 22nd story condo location, allows the home to offer views unparalleled by many others in LA.


Of course, the clients’ love for film presented challenges. How to incorporate a very large television into a space that is clearly all about the view? The goal… take the television out of the equation. Hide it. The solution… conceal it behind motorized panels. With ease, the panels separate to reveal the television... in this case, it's typically presenting a piece of cinematic history. The panels then come back together to conceal America’s favorite “black box”. The challenge… when the panels come together, how do you make it seem as though it is one large piece of fine art, and not merely two panels concealing something?


Conceptually, the designers offered the solution of an asymmetrical staggering of multiple panels varying in depth, distracting the eye from the real seam in the middle. With the expertise of the art consultant, the idea of dimensional art became the way to go. Take the focus off the panels, and onto the art mounted to them. This then went to the artful eye of the artist, offering a perfect placement of the ceramic elements of her masterpiece. The panels were then shipped to the job site, installed by the contractor, and incorporated into the home's automation system.