Shoulder to Shoulder Even the Fallen Stand Tall - CODAworx

Shoulder to Shoulder Even the Fallen Stand Tall

Submitted by Gareth Andrews

Client: Iron Range Veterans

Location: Virginia, MN, United States

Completion date: 2012

Artwork budget: $960,000

Project Team


Gareth L. Andrews

Gareth Andrews Fine Art


Bronze, 27'W x 15'H x 12'D, 7.5 tons of bronze. In this sculpture, each of the services finds its representative in a different one of the five conflicts of this century, thus becoming something of a human time capsule. What would have been grandfathers, fathers, sons and grandsons (and their female siblings) over an eighty year period of time are here caught agelessly together, united in a moment of time, space and action.


American flag, eagle, 5 wars of 20th century, all branches of armed services were to be represented in one sculpture,


Artist designed and sculpted piece in clay. Crucible Foundry, Norman, OK did the foundry work. Badger Transport brought the bronze to Minnesota. Lakehead Construction supplied the crane for placement. Many others worked to make this project happen.