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ShipShape 101

Client: Spar- und Bauverein EG

Location: Paderborn, Germany

Completion date: 2019

Artwork budget: $120,000

Project Team

Industry Resource

Jan Peters

Glasmalerei Peters Studios


Thierry Boissel


Carsten Scherhans

RSK Architects


ShipShape is a new dorm creating modern living space for students directly at the University of Paderborn. Spar und Bauverein EG is a long established housing co-operative in Germany with a high value on Quality.


Thierry Boissel formed an artwork stretching over three floors of the new building. He photographed students and translated the images into chrome lines on the glass. The mirroring quality creates endless variations and changes with the perspective of the viewer.


The artwork draws vivid scenes of everyday life, in which the boundaries between reality and fiction are increasingly blurred