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Shifting Horizons

Submitted by April Pine

Client: Sculpture by the Sea

Location: Sydney, Australia

Completion date: 2018

Artwork budget: $90,000

Project Team

Industry Resource

JV Atelier

JV Atelier


April Pine


In response to being awarded the Clitheroe Mentorship and a one year period of meetings with international artist Christian De Vietri. A series of figures were explored reducing the figure to varying degrees of minimalism. The works were fabricated in Corten and designed to embrace the harsh conditions of a coastal environment for the Bondi Sculpture by the Sea 2018 Exhibition.


The artwork was to engage with the setting however could not leave any permanent marks on the site post exhibition.The artwork was required to withstand extreme winds of 145km per hour /(41 miles per sec) yet no machinery could access the site. Therefore the footings required would have to be liftable by hand. I developed a steel carcus and individual steel weights to create temporary footings on this cliff edge.


This was a self funded work for an exhibition. Approximately 500 artists from around the world apply to participate in Bondi Sculpture by the Sea to which only 100 are selected by an invited Jury. The works went through a series of models and compositional studies to test massing and expression of form. The works were fabricated in 3mm and 5mm corten depending on their density. These were then reviewed by the engineer through 3D modelling software for structural integrity and compliance with required wind loading. The works were fabricated in Perth, Western Australia and shipped to Bondi, New South Wales to be installed for a 3 week exhibition period.

Additional Information

These works were produced for an exhibition as editions of 2. Five of the six figures were sold to private collections in Portugal, New Zealand and Australia.