Shape of Light - CODAworx

Shape of Light

Submitted by Shuster + Moseley


Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Completion date: 2021

Project Team


Shuster and Moseley

Art Consultant



Derix Glasstudios




Dubai Design Week


The Shape of Light is comprised of a series of large-scale ‘Antiprisms’ sited in the public realm. The sculptural forms are constructed from clear and optically coated equilateral triangular glass panels. Precise angles are bevelled into the sides and corners of each panel to enable the hand-bonding of the resulting irregular polyhedra.


The ‘Antiprisms’ speak to the immutable language of geometric form, which interface with the passage of natural light to create a clockwork of optical interaction and projection. This optical effect is like a spectral fingerprint that aims to connect us to the present moment in time and space. The works are suggestive of boulders resting in the landscape, like future relics of our contemporary technocene. Pointing to the geometric opening of a space for light and its spectrality, the works are conceived as the opening of a space for conscious, meditative reflection: prognostic vessels for the crystallisation of perspective.


The artwork was commissioned for D3 in Dubai, with ESPACE. The works are created through high precision cutting and mitring of glass triangles that are optical treated with bespoke coatings through magnetron sputtering and then UV bonded together on transportable polished steel bases.