Shalom Park Wind Harp


Client: Shalom Park Retirement Community

Location: Aurora, CO, United States

Completion date: 2001

Artwork budget: $42,500

Project Team


Ross Barrable

Landscape Architect

Mark Kramer


Healing gardens aren’t just something pretty to look at – they are an experience. This type of garden focuses on accessibility and interaction for everyone stimulating all five senses with designs that are accessible to all. The wind harp installed in the reflection pool creates an experience of harmonic sound that draws the listener into an inner experience of connection with the subtle sounds of nature


An Environment For The Senses, Shalom Park in Aurora, Colorado is the culmination to create an environment where healing, nature, family, and heritage can be enjoyed. Behind the sandstone walls of the park, draw you to the senses of touch, sight, smell, and sound. A wind harp at the center of the lower pool provides a calm auditory experience for visitors near the fragrance garden pausing to smell mint or rosemary.


The Landscape Architect Mark Kramer contacted the Artist to commission a sound sculpture which was wind activated and also resonated with the Spiritual theme of Shalom park residents. The Metatron Wind Harp was chosen after viewing the harp in a sculpture garden at a Gallery in Taos, NM.

Additional Information

"A wind harp is the perfect combination of sculpture and sound to provide a layer to the overall design of our garden. The harp was designed as a focal point in the garden by its central location in the pool at the end of the elevated stream. We were attempting to attract the five senses. The sound provides a pleasant background harmony that both surprises the observer and provides interest in the garden." - Mark Kramer