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Shall we dance?


Client: Oslo City Council

Location: Oslo, Norway

Completion date: 2017

Artwork budget: $12,000

Project Team


Marisa Ferreira

Art Consultant

Kulturbyraet Mesen

Kulturbyraet Mesen


A former car parking in downtown Oslo was transformed into a new gathering place to reflect on benefits of reduced cars activity in the urban living. The composition “Shall we dance?” expresses the sounds and movement of the parking lines in a playful and rhythm composition inspired by Laban notations on modern dance and it is composed by 10 concrete benches and a 7×40 meters asphalt painting. The former ticket machine was transformed into a loudspeaker with Bluetooth technology allowing thus viewers to listen their favorite music while dancing, relaxing or simply hanging out with friends or colleagues.


Shall we dance? was part of a pilot project from the local authorities where temporary art, design and architectural projects are used to reactivate former car parking areas and to make the urban living more enjoyable.


The project was possible thanks to the sponsoring we got from the suppliers of both concrete benches and asphalt painting.

Additional Information

The project "Shall we dance?" was featured by the English newspaper The Guardian as one of the "10 of the best outdoors art installations worldwide" in August 2018.