Serene Waves - CODAworx

Serene Waves


Location: Ningbo, China

Completion date: 2019

Project Team

UAP | Urban Art Projects

Richard Sweeney


Serene Waves invigorates and enlivens the space. To achieve the gentle, free-flowing form Serene Waves was crafted using light-weight thermoformed Palight. The delicately folded elements are suspended from the atrium ceiling at varying heights, appearing to cascade down through the space, creating a gentle canopy visible from multiple vantage points throughout the library. The Ningbo New Library sits within the heart of Ningbo East New Town and holds the largest collection of historic and ancient books in the region.


One major goal was to achieve a free-flowing design in which would ensure the end vision was reached and maintained.


UAP’s Shanghai team worked closely with Ningbo Library, Schmidt Hammer Lassen and Sweeney throughout the curation, design development, fabrication and installation of this incredible work.