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Seeing the Light

Submitted by Christine Barbour

Client: SERTA Mattress Company

Location: Las Vegas, NV, United States

Completion date: 2012

Project Team

Interior Designer

Christi Barbour

Barbour Spangle Design


Jerry Adler


Christine Barbour

Barbour Spangle Design


As the leading bedding manufacturer in the world, SERTA Mattress Company engaged us to design a display showroom in the Las Vegas World Market Center. The original request was to create a sophisticated, luxurious atmosphere synonymous with the SERTA brand.


This particular crystal sculpture was one of the most important elements in the overall design due to the fact that it was placed over the lobby entry desk and visible from numerous sight lines in the display space as well as the approaching hallways.
It was our goal to do something sophisticated - inspired by the feel of a five star hotel - yet at the same time it needed to have a branded element to the design. After much consideration we decided on creating a Swarovski Crystal sculpture suspended in a slight twist that emulates the natural curve of the spine. Halogen lights with swivel heads were placed at specific points in the ceiling above to highlight and capture the crystals. Additionally, a mother of pearl wall behind the desk served as an ideal backdrop to the crystal sculpture adding depth and sparkle.
The end result is show stopping.


As the design team we located an Australian company to commission this piece. We worked closely with their product designer to create just the right shape, size and scale. Multiple drawings were shared between interior designers and product designers to ensure we were able to achieve the goal. Special attention was given to the lighting to ensure the end result would sparkle appropriately, as crystal should. Due to the long distance nature of the project {designer on US east coast, project on US west coast and product designer in Australia} careful attention was paid to all details on the forefront of the project design to insure a seamless installation.

Additional Information

Awarded American Society of Interior Design, Carolina's Chapter, for Excellence in Design