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Seeing in the Dark


Client: Eichinger Sculpture

Location: Portland, OR, United States

Completion date: 2004

Artwork budget: $8,900

Project Team


Martin Eichinger

Eichinger Sculpture Studio

Industry Resource

Tim Parks

TW Bronze (Foundry)


This traditional bust gives honor to a woman who, with her owl companion, bravely faces the future. Cast bronze in an edition of 75. 29.5″H x 18″W x 17″D


As with many of Eichinger’s sculptures, this piece tells a story. That story, however, is in the mind of the viewer. Everyone has a unique interpretation. Eichinger’s goal is to engage the viewer’s imagination, not dictate what they see or think.


Original created in clay, then molded and cast into bronze. The patina on this piece adds many subtitles to its overall impact.

Additional Information

Diverse cultures and the challenges they face is the soul of this piece. The perched owl, with its ability to see in the dark, is a symbol of power and wisdom for the woman. They draw on each other’s strength through the dark.