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Seeds of Light


Client: Arts Council of Indianapolis

Location: Speedway, IN, United States

Completion date: 2016

Artwork budget: $75,000

Project Team


Arlon Bayliss

Bayliss & Co. LLC

Industry Resource

Bob Buchannon

Bo-Mar Inc. Fabricators

Industry Resource

Associated Controls + Design


Arts Council of Indianapolis


This 25 foot tall stainless steel, sculpture lies at the intersection of the Town of Speedway's Main Street and Indianapolis Motor Speedway main entrance. The form features a 12 foot shallow dome of arranged steel and glass clusters, the rear of which faces downwards towards viewers. Each cluster contains 16 florets – loops of folded steel. By day, dichroic glass gently colors colors the florets. By night, they sparkle as 256 LED lights refract light into the composition, engaging passers by as viewing angles change. The power requirement is 18 watts.


The project celebrates the city's student exchange programs with Italy and Japan. At the same time, it marks the intersection of a well-loved trailhead and Speedway's Main Street. The primary form is inspired by a native plant and each floret symbolizes the students' potential as global citizens. Situated in it's own pocket park, the structure welcomes and encourages pedestrians to explore a growing downtown cultural district.


Over 45 individuals volunteered 500 hours to fabricate and assemble the project. Students folded, riveted and spot-welded the florets, and members of the community joined in - soldering, wiring, cutting glass and assembling pre-fabricated parts.

Additional Information

The artist was "embedded" for a month prior to assembly in the Town's Offices, working directly with the town's employees and residents. This was key to establishing strong community interest and ownership from the town folk of Speedway throughout assembly and installation. The artist stated at the dedication ceremony, “This is not a sculpture made elsewhere, and delivered to you today – it is already yours.”