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Seasons of Our Community


Client: C-Tran RTS Fourth Plain Rapid Transit Project, Vancouver Mall Station

Location: Vancouver, WA, United States

Completion date: 2016

Artwork budget: $125,000

Project Team


Warren Pope

Warren Pope Design

Industry Resource

Kris Iverson

Moon Shadow Glass


Major bus station of 8 small shelters at the end of a new RTS Bus route. The shelters were designed by the architect and KRS designed and printed the embedded people / nature images set in large glass panels. KRS also designed and fabricated the 'story' stainless steel arcs embedded in the concrete telling the stories of the community history and native culture of the Cowlitz, Nez Pierce and Chinook sovereign nations.


To identify the rich historical and culture of Vancouver WA, along with visual interest that identifies each of the 8 bus shelters while adding educational stories of this important region.


KRS worked with Historians, Native Sovereign Nationalities, Universities and education venues in this area to secure a visual story of this rich and interesting region. The glass was fabricated by several companies that used our film images. KRS fabricated designs for the Stainless Steel 8' arches and used black etching for the detail symbols and language.

Additional Information

We were very fortunate to have tremendous help from the historians and the City of Vancouver WA to solidify a larger voice about the history of this region.