Seashore Cathedral - CODAworx

Seashore Cathedral

Submitted by pepe gaka


Client: City of Virginia Beach

Location: Virginia Beach, VA, United States

Completion date: 2018

Artwork budget: $18,500

Project Team

Landscape Architect

Nina Goodale-Salazar

City of Virginia Beach


Emily Spruill Labows

City of Virginia Beach


The project was the beautification of the underpass in Virginia Beach, VA. It's an important area, separating the Marina from the beach. It's where thousands of tourists and local walk, jog and cycle to reach the beach, especially during the summer. In total, 16 columns, as high as 25 ft, the beams above them, and a large wall facing it, with about 3,500 square feet total of painted surface. Everything was painted with acrylic paint, on primed concrete.


The goal was to create a space with a design that showed what makes Virginia Beach unique, and it had to inspire a sense of light and joy. With a stained-glass like design, the underpass didn't look shady and dark anymore. Furthermore, the design is such that the subject is high above the ground, making it impossible for eventual graffiti vandalism.


Together with the community, we selected the 16 aspects to be depicted in the columns, representing the best that Virginia Beach has to offer in terms of nature, landmarks and activities.