"Search" 75ft high Glass Tower - CODAworx

“Search” 75ft high Glass Tower

Client: Jun Kaneko

Location: Omaha, NE, United States

Completion date: 2017

Project Team


Jun Kaneko Studio

Industry Resource

Stahl- und Metallbau Mirko Wimmer

Industry Resource

Commonwealth Electric Company

Industry Resource

Derix Glasstudios


The glass and steel tower rises almost 90’ from a base that is approx. 80″ wide. The glass panels, which are 2’ wide and 7.5’ tall, are composed of colored flash and opaque glass pieces that are laminated to a base sheets of tempered laminated glass which have an an opaque interlayer of PVB film. The tower is structured with steel members with components to secure the glass panels. The interior of the column is illuminated with LED lights that are secured to the steel frame.


"Search" is located at the entry of the recently opened Fred & Pamela Buffet Cancer Center in Omaha, Nebraska. As such, it serves as the identifying element of the center, which can be seen from a distance. It is Kaneko's hope that “Search” will provide a positive energy to patients and care givers as well as serving as a visual enjoyment for the public.


There was a very close working relationship between Kaneko and the Derix team, which has been cultivated on multiple previous projects. From these projects, Derix has leaned the issues of most concern of the artist in their working process. This working process has been invaluable in the interpretation of Kaneko's concept into a realized project.