Sean Capone Studio

Submitted by Sean Capone


Client: Sean Capone Studio

Location: Brooklyn, NY, United States

Completion date: 2020

Project Team

Lead Artist, Art Director

Sean Capone

Creative Director

Sean Capone

Sean Capone Studio


Sean Capone | Public Art Demo Reel 2020
The work of Sean Capone Studio is known for its use of generative floral patterns and dynamic, nature-inspired visual energy which creates a transformative, meditative encounter in public space. Sean’s work activates environments and inspires audiences through colorful form and animated compositions which reflect upon the relationship between art, technology, nature, and urban media. These custom video works are designed for public art spaces, branded events, and interior environments for the hospitality, healthcare, and corporate industries.

Please enjoy this brief overview of the studio’s work over the last decade. Visit for more projects and live documentation.

Select projects include: 150 Media Stream, Chase Center/Golden State Warriors Arena, San Francisco MoMA, Night Lights Denver, Supernova Digital Animation Festival, Digital Graffiti Festival, DUMBO Arts Festival, the Museum of Modern Art (NYC), Royal Caribbean Cruises, Made In NY Media Center, and the SCAD Museum of Art.


The goal of the studio is to use moving image technology and digital animation to create meditative encounters and aesthetic interventions in the hectic, media-saturated public environments of today.