Seabourn Encore Cruise Ship - CODAworx

Seabourn Encore Cruise Ship

Submitted by Lisa Frank

Client: Seabourn Cruise Line

Location: Seattle, WA, United States

Completion date: 2016

Artwork budget: $25,000

Project Team


Lisa Frank

Lisa Frank Photography

Art Consultant

Noa Reheff, Nir Horovitz, Tal Danai

ArtLink LTD

Interior Designer

Adam Tihany

Tihany Design


The project consisted of 8 artworks: 2 photographic murals depicting tropical florals and landscapes (each 46.5″H x 153.5″W; media: printed canvas on dibond); 2 photographic murals depicting fireworks, hummingbirds and exploding plants (each 35.5″H x 78.75″W; printed on non-reflective plexiglas); a dramatic scanograph of white peonies (35.5″H x 59″W, printed on non-reflective plexiglas); and 3 five-minute animated videos, inspired by different times of the day, displaying continuously on three monitors.


Seabourn Cruise Line partnered with Adam D. Tihany in the design of this newest addition to their fleet, the Seabourn Encore. Contacted by art consultants from the Tel Aviv office of ArtLink, LTD, I was asked to propose artwork for the ship's central public space,"The Colonnade," a dining venue imbued with the energy of a vibrant marketplace. Four areas within this large space would be defined by artwork so different in style that they would appear to be done by 4 different artists. In one area, three animated videos are displayed on monitors depicting three times of day. Over the course of each 5-minute loop, very little happens: flowers open, birds fly in and out of the scene, vegetables ripen but all at a slow, meditative pace. The intention was that a passenger would catch just a glimpse of movement as they walked by. Read more about the project on Artlink's website:


For the initial proposal the consultants at Artlink suggested some general aesthetic guidelines: create rich compositions, surrealistic and dream-like, based on some of my previous artwork. Once the initial proposal was approved, eleven months followed involving many overseas skype conversations, powerpoint presentations, inspiration boards, and mock-ups in order to define the artworks' thematic content and style. Two months later, all eight pieces were transferred electronically for installation.

Additional Information

Monitor Art YouTube video links: Morning:; Daytime:; Nighttime: