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SCULPTURE PARK – Point Leo Estate, Victoria, Australia

Submitted by Todd Stuart

Client: John and Pauline Gandel's Pt Leo Estate and Sculpture Park

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Completion date: 2015

Project Team

Artist / Creator

Todd Stuart

Todd Stuart Pty Ltd

Sculpture Park Owners & Arts Philanthropists

John & Pauline Gandel

Point Leo Estate


Shhh… Don’t Tell Anyone !

Leaks, whistle-blowers, activist artists
From Chelsea Manning to Ai Wei Wei
Courageous people make a difference

In the age of the leak, the whistleblower and the activist artist, Stuart’s poetically rendered sculpture ‘Shhh… don’t tell anyone’ represents in three dimensions what Ai Wei Wei achieved with his photographic series ‘Study of Perspective (1995 to 2003)’ in which he gives the finger to global symbols of power like the White House and the Forbidden City. From without and from within, inhibiting forces permeate our lives, and courageous defiance often effects positive change

Name: Shhh… Don’t tell the World
Location: Pt leo Estate & Sculpture Park – 3649 Frankston-Flinders Road, Merricks Victoria, Australia, 3916

W-108cm x D-160cm x H-280cm
W-42.51in x D-63in x H-110.23in

Materials: Torso – #316 marine grade stainless steel | Head, arms & legs – silicon bronze | Base – polished & chamfered black granite
Artist / Creator: Todd Stuart
Year: 2015
Edition: 1 of 3


A Legacy Collection...
Creating a globally significant experience
Each acquisition is an investment
An enrichment of the cultural landscape
An important part of an enduring legacy

For high-net-worth individuals, the creation of a globally significant sculptural experience involves exercising discernment in the acquisition of each artwork.

Such individuals adopt a long-view approach, seeing each acquisition as an investment in the richness of the cultural landscape. Their investment moreover represents value that endures as much for the individual as it does for the collective.

Through their acquisitions, they seek to capture an evolving conversation as it expresses itself through the work of prominent creators.

Among artworks by Clement Meadmore, Tony Cragg and Kaws, is an artwork by Todd Stuart that speaks a message of enduring global significance: an artwork that spoke to the Pt Leo Estate Sculpture Park owner personally.

Shhh… Don’t Tell the World pits individual freedom against an overarching authority, and conveys the importance of courage, and the degree to which courageous people can make a difference.

Selected by John Gandel himself at a height of 2.8 meters for dramatic effect, Shhh… Don’t Tell the World, is part of the cultural conversation and an enduring legacy