SCAN 9.1 - CODAworx

SCAN 9.1

Submitted by Heather Hancock Studio

Client: Private

Location: Washington, DC, United States

Completion date: 2020

Project Team

Art Consultant

Debbie Sotzsky

Art Matters


Rob Plati

Underground Art Framing


Abstract text forms cut in shimmering glass and embedded in matte texture create a bold and vibrant visual feature for a corporate conference room.
3 panels each 48″ x 36″
hand cut glass inlayed in matte concrete


Partnering with the Art Matters team, the clients’ vision and goals were reviewed and used to set direction for preliminary design concepts.

1. bold and engaging visual feature for team conference room space;
2. information relevant to clients' team encoded into the design;
3. color palette consistent with the firm's primary and secondary palette.


We coordinated on this project remotely. I provided the art consultants with digital concepts for client presentation + response. Several changes in composition and color direction were incorporated to get to a final concept consistent with the clients’ vision for their space. The clients’ primary and secondary palettes were mapped onto glass selections.

The final design concept combined abstracted text elements with client specific information in partially abstracted form with vertical color rhythms and oversized graphic elements. A pale cool gray textured infill completes the bright and vibrant visual experience.