San Francisco International Technology Center - CODAworx

San Francisco International Technology Center

Submitted by Nardi Associates LLP



Location: Burlingame, CA, United States

Completion date: 2018

Project Team


Norberto F. Nardi

Nardi Associates


Disi Gao

Nardi Associates


FOX Bayshore Investments, Inc

Landscape Architect

Silver Bar Studio


Hexagon Transportation Consultants, Inc.


Triad-Holmes Associates


PIER Enviromental Service, Inc.


Rollo & Ridley Geotechnical Eng.


Nabih Youssef


The SFO Technology Center, a mixed-use complex, will be located in the City of Burlingame, facing the San Francisco Bay, housing offices, retail and restaurants (plus a parking garage) in a 450,000 SF building structure. The location of the project provides a significant node relationship between the cityscape and the aquatic environment of the San Francisco Bay. The harmonious articulation between open public spaces and open private spaces creates a seamless integration of the bay front and reinforces its visual connection with the city’s urban fabric.


The project, including the gardens and gathering spaces are part of a public art statement. The building façade is veneered in a double pane of glass curtain-wall that it will be digitally programmed to change colors and patterns (as shown in the renderings). That is why we consider that the art component is the building and outdoor space’s design.


During the last two years the design team has been working in constant interaction with the community at large, the arts community, local organizations such as the Bay Area Conservation Development Commission and City representatives. As a result of this collaborative effort the final design accommodated a lot of community requests while dealing with zoning restrictions.

Additional Information

The project stands a manifestation of urban design strategy that enhances social activity, while maintaining a sustainable and user friendly agenda. The inspiring outdoor spaces combining a spectacular view of the Bay plus self-contained outdoor meeting room are a celebration of how the public and private realm can provide an adequate functional synergy.