Samsara ~ a kinetic installation telling the story of oneness

Submitted by Philipp Eibach



Location: Berlin, Germany

Completion date: 2019

Artwork budget: $20,000

Project Team


Josua Putzke

studio rlon


Nehemia Turban

studio rlon


Samsara is a commissioned kinetic art work for the in Berlin.

A circle with a diameter of 1301 mm, consisting of 2 layers of CNC milled PE, provides the canvas for this installation.

By means of a custom developed mechanical principle, 252 laser cut triangles are driven synergetically by only one stepper motor.

Three sliders running in the three intersecting rings of the rotating disc transmit the circular movement of the energy source. The energy is then passed on from triangle to triangle – resulting in a mesmerizing choreography of all the parts.


The is a space for personal development, a room for exploring innovative ways of working and an incubator for system changers working to make a difference in society.

To underline this mission, the commissioned RLON to create an installation for their rooms that tells the story of synergy on a tangible level.

Orchestrating complex geometries and mathematical relations, the kinetic installation drives its many individual parts with only one source of energy. A system unpredictable through observation of its individual parts and a system in which, even a small input of energy can evoke big changes.
This physical representation of the concept "everything is connected to everything" allows for an intuitive understanding of oneness and that nothing exists without the things around it.

Additional Information

The mechanical principle of Samsara can be scaled to any size and adapted to other materials, patterns and movements. Please get in touch to learn more.